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NeoVault Offshore Backup Solution

NeoVault Offshore Backup Solution (Per Month)


NeoVault is Fresh-Mango's cloud-based disaster recovery solution allowing you to back up your data in an offshore jurisdiction (the British Virgin Islands) in a safe highly encrypted state to Fresh Mango's own servers.

Thanks to Fresh Mango's competitive pricing, Neovault is affordable for small, medium or large businesses alike. Individuals can also protect their sensitive or valued data with Neovault.

Neovault is simple to install and operate, with an intuitive web-based interface. You can choose what data to backup, when to backup and how often. A truly flexible solution, Neovault provides a backup data solution for the following scenarios:

  • Bare Metal Recovery Backup (Full Server Replication)
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Backup)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Backup (Offsite Replication)
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Backup
  • File & Folder Level Backup

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