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Easy Networking in Concrete Houses: Powerline Adapters

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A common problem we face in the Caribbean is poor wifi signals in our homes and buildings, due in large part to the fact that most buildings in the Caribbean are made from poured concrete and reinforced bars ('rebar').  

This provides a double hit to wireless signals as concrete is a dense material and walls cast from it are generally thicker than brick then the bars within the concrete provide a 'Faraday Cage' effect.

In wooden houses or brick houses with 'attics' you would generally get around this by running a network cable from one end of the house to the other and configuring additional wireless access points but again here, concrete structures are problematic as there's nowhere to run cables and drilling through floors and walls is big deal.

Enter 'Powerline' technology.  Powerline adapters very specifically address the need
 to distribute network connectivity around a building without using cabling already in place that every single house has: the A/C power circuits.  The beauty of this is that to access the power circuits, you simply plug an adapter in to a wall socket and you're done!

Initial products released to the market had limited effectivess over large distances but now the technology has improved hugely and standards have been introduced so that different brands will interact.

If you are frustrated by poor wifi signal in one area of our house, a powerline kit is a quick, clean and simple way to solve it.

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